Today’s look!! A little cooler these days

Shoes: Sperry

Trousers: Top 10

T-shirt: H&M

New autumn jacket/blazer :) love it and can’t wait to wear it

The summer is kinda ending soon (hopefully) can’t wait for autumn and winter :)

Shirt: ASOS
Pants: H&M
Jumper: Uniqlo
Boots: Frank Wright

Happy Sunday and happy chuseok (for people in Korea)

Enjoying some beach time :)
Shorts: zara
Shoes: sperry
Shirt: h&m

Enjoying the beach :) came to Gyongpo beach for a few days, just finished my latest contact and taking a break…also celebrating a birthday of someone very close to me

Skinny Jeans
  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> </b> So, supposedly skinny jeans for men are now a no go!!<p><b></b> I wear skinny jeans 90% of time and although I have a few pairs of slim fit jeans, I don't really like them ! I'm about 62 kilos and 5 10", so anything but skinny never looks quite right unless I'm wearing boots and big jacket!<p><b></b> What are your thoughts on skinny jeans for men or jeans in general?<p><p><p>

Can’t wait for autumn to come back around…I’m bored of shorts and being sweaty :/

Jumper: asos

Shoes: zara

Jeans: asos

Summer is coming to an end :) well I hope that is the case anyway

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Sperry

Got a new hat today :) well actually I got it from a friend yesterday for the price of… On the house :)